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Ariana Grande has just dropped her long-awaited new single Positions, alongside a brand new film clip, and the internet is collectively shaking. Hold onto your high ponytails folks, this track is transcendent.

The video features Grande as the President of the United States, as she flings from hallways to the oval office, documents in hand, and a full presidential team of diverse women behind her. Truly iconic.

It’s worth noting though that the lyrics have absolutely nothing political about them, but it just goes to show how the song and the video can have two different meanings.

Enough talking, you can peep the track right here:

When Grande first tweeted the 15-second snippet of her brand new track, fans went absolutely wild, despite the soundbite being just a collection of breathy vocal runs and a “Yeh” chucked in for good measure.

Speculation began, Twitter reactions poured in, and the entire standom went positively bonkers.

It just goes to show the effect that Miss Grande has on people.

You can peep some of the Twitter reactions to the snippet below.

There were also about one thousand copies of the text which you can see below, which reads like a biblical scripture about a song that nobody had heard just yet.

This text, of course, began when Taylor Swift first released Folklore.

Grande means business throughout the whole video clip, but she also spares a moment to randomly head into a kitchen to… uhh… slurp spaghetti and wipe flour off her hands?? Look, the song is meant to be hella sexy, and it achieves just that, but with some presidential-themed flair.

The whole motif of the track is about how Grande is willing to switch up positions for the one she loves. This time around we haven’t been given a heartfelt ballad or a dancefloor bop, but honestly, this might be one of her best songs yet.

President Ariana, we pledge allegiance.