The world loves the horrible goose, the titular hero of Untitled Goose Game whose sole purpose is to wreck shit and annoy. They love the terrible goose so damn much, in fact, that the enthusiasm to see the goose break free from the confines of its village-based universe and spread its wings in other gaming realms is hitting a fever pitch.

The terrible, atrocious goose has gained such a cult following that fans are now clamouring for the shitty bird to start showing up in a whole mess of different games, from FIFA and Zelda right through to Red Dead Redemption.

Twitter users have been wilding out imagining the sheer havoc the goose could cause in various different gaming universes, and the possibilities are frankly endless.

Starting with the very broad assertion that we should, absolutely, be able to honk at CGI supersoldiers, the suggestions quickly got more and more specific and the crossover potential grew exponentially.

There is no gaming universe the horrible goose shouldn’t be in, to be quite honest.

Let the goose flap giant beasts to death in Shadow of the Colossus.

Put the goose on one of the fifty billion planets in No Man’s Sky and when you find it that’s when the game finally ends.

Replace every member of the Ninja Turtles with the goose in Turtles in Time and watch absolute chaos unfold.

Hell, make the goose a new class in WoW Classic and let me assemble a heaving throng of level 60 honking bastards to storm Naxxramas and flap the holy bejeezus out of Kel’Thuzad.

The goose must – must – be let loose. It simply must.