Half-Life 2. Super Mario Bros. 2. Basically every Grand Theft Auto since 1997. These are just a few of the gaming sequels which overshadowed their predecessors, and came to define their legendary franchises.

Now, Mattel hopes to join the club.

With a sequel to UNO.

Called DOS. 

The Los Angeles Times reports the toymaker has developed a spiritual successor to the pick-up put-down card game, which sees players discard their holdings across two decks.

Here’s how Mattel describes the game:

To start, there are two piles in the middle of the participants, and on each player’s turn they can play on both piles with either one or two cards. In a fun twist, if a player has two cards that add up to the number of the card in the center pile, they are able to put down both cards.

Those additions to the format took two years to develop, with Mattel reportedly concerned about making DOS different enough to UNO to warrant the purchase.

Oh, and don’t forget: once you’ve discarded all of your cards, you have to yell “Dos!” Obviously.

Some lucky punters have already been given a sneak peek at the game.

DOS comes as Mattel seeks to revamp several of its key lines, including Barbie and Hot Wheels, to compete for young audiences increasingly taken by tablets and other touchscreen devices. Still, with the #10 card on offer, we’re sure Apple stocks are set to plummet.

The game is expected to hit U.S. stores in March. Expect to see DOS in Aussie stores some time after.

Source: The Los Angeles Times
Image: Mattel