The pain of receiving a draw 4… The rejection of falling victim to a skip… The giddiness of whispering ‘UNO’ in an erotic manner… These are emotions that deserve to be felt by all gamers, which is why today’s announcement of new edition of UNO is such a huge bloody mood.

Mattel has partnered up with the National Federation of the Blind over in the States to release UNO’s first ever braille edition – aptly-titled UNO Braille.

“With the launch of UNO Braille,” Mattel’s Ray Adler released in a statement, “we’re making a real impact on a community that has been underserved by providing a game that both blind and sighted people can play together.”

National Federation of the Blind’s president Mark Riccobono also spoke about the importance of adding braille to mainstream card games.

“UNO Braille is doing more than making this beloved game more accessible. It’s also helping promote the importance and normalcy of braille by putting it in places people might not expect, and integrating it into the play of blind children,” he said.

“The fact that a blind person is now able to play a classic game of UNO straight out of the box with both blind and sighted friends or family members is a truly meaningful moment for our community.”

It appears as though the new UNO Braille card deck is only available in the US for now, but you can purchase braille UNO cards from Vision Australia’s store here.