Well folks, it’s Ubisoft‘s turn to make its E3 announcements and man, do they have some hard acts to follow. Both Microsoft and Bethesda had huge briefings that impressed pretty much everyone yesterday.

Setting aside a couple of awkward audio issues, here’s the best of Ubisoft’s offerings this year’s E3.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

I honestly can’t wait for this game, it looks absolutely amazing and packs some enormous scale in terms of space and entire planets.

Today we got a new cinematic trailer and an announcement around fan-created content. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt took the stage to drop the details about how his company, HitRECord, is now the platform for BG&E2 fans to contribute their own work to the game, whether it’s music, art, or other assets.

You can check out the segment below.

Trials Rising

Wow, a bloke literally rode in on a dirt bike to announce this game. Wild stuff.

Essentially, it’s a sequel to the last Trials game which is a kind of side-scrolling motocross dealy. Not particularly my cup of tea, but fans went wild for it. It comes out on February 2019 on all consoles, and there’ll be a closed beta at some point also.

The Division 2

Opening with a cinematic trailer featuring the stiffest running child I’ve ever seen, we got a glimpse into a pretty grim world ravaged by a deliberate outbreak of smallpox.

There wasn’t any further gameplay footage, but we did get the scoop on signature weapons, which become a base tool for your character and play style, as well as exclusive skills.

Up to 8 players will be able to partner up this time around to go on raids, which sounds pretty sweet. Suss the presentation below.

Skull & Bones

Hell yeah, some bloody pirate action. This title was revealed last year, but now we get to see a bunch of new gameplay footage, a cinematic trailer, and more details on how it all works.

Essentially, your job is steal loot from other ships, mostly on trade routes. You’ll get to pick your gear and customise your ship for the attack, which all looks pretty dang fun.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

This is another title that was announced last year, but today, the team announced that classic Nintendo character Starfox will be playable exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo boss Shigeru Miyamoto was bloody there as well. They pulled him out of the crowd and gave him a mad model of the ship.

The game releases on October 16. Check out the trailer below.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

At this point, the Assassin’s Creed franchise is like Ubisoft’s FIFA – you can safely expect a new entry into the series every year. Set in ancient Greece, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey looks like your standard AC game, at least from what we saw. This time, you’ll be able to choose a male or female character to play as for the entire game.

The title has been in development for about 3 years and graphically, looks stupidly good. Seriously, look at this shit.

You can see the rest of what Ubisoft revealed today in the list below. Next up, PlayStation.

  • More info on Elijah Wood-backed VR game, Transference
  • For Honour Starter Edition will be free to play from June 11 – 18. A new game mode is also coming
  • Crew 2 will be released on June 29 with an open beta to begin on June 21
  • A doco about Rainbow 6 Seige called Another Mindset was revealed
  • Mario + Rabbids DLC called Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong Adventure is out on June 26
Image: Ubisoft