If you’re looking for a bit of simulation gaming for a very low price this weekend, you’re in luck. Steam is making Two Point Hospital the lowest price ever created: zero dollars.

If you’ve ever wanted to dip your feet into the tepid pool of hospital mismanagement, this is the perfect way to do it without going to prison. And better yet, it’s free to try.

Two Point Hospital is kinda like the spiritual successor to the classic Theme Hospital and works like most of the simulated management games out there. You build a hospital, see patients, cure them, grow your facilities, and so on. You can suss out a trailer for the game below.

It’s certainly a pretty wacky time. If you decide you’re into Two Point Hospital and wanna buy it, it’s currently on sale for $36.84, which is 33 per cent off the normal price of $54.99. It’s currently sitting at an 89 per cent positive user rating, which is pretty damn good if you ask me.

Steam’s running a whole bunch of offers this weekend, including huge discounts to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, some classic Dreamcast ports, the Total War: Warhammer series, and more.

There are a few other free things on offer, including the digital card game, Faeria, as well as RPG Maker, so make sure you drop in at some point over the weekend.

Image: Two Point Studios