The community surrounding The Sims 4 is definitely a passionate one. They’re not afraid to give their two cents about the game and its features or, in some cases, lack thereof. 

And for the most part, the development team are happy to implement some of the feedback they receive, should the cries be loud enough. But now, they’re letting the community vote on the contents of Stuff Packs.

As the name would suggest, a Stuff Pack is a pack full of stuff, like a new gameplay feature and a few items. They’re a cheap add-on to the main game which isn’t needed, but enjoyable nonetheless. 

First off, the community got to vote on the overall theme of the pack, with Eco Living being the most popular. “Potential areas of focus include laundry, home technology, and solar energy,” said the description. 

The next few rounds of voting for art style, clothing and objects seemed to go down just fine, with the below forming the winning bunch.

And the new gameplay feature? Laundry. 

According to the dev team, laundry was the most popular vote in all regions, followed by food preserves, then “off the grid” and finally, “carbon conscious”. The only exception was Russia, who favoured “off the grid” over “food preserves”

And while the laundry feature was available in the previous Sims game, it was only really popular amongst those who liked playing it realistically (read: boringly). Even though it was the popular vote, some folks are extremely pissed off that it won. 

“Such a major disappointment,” said the first comment on the announcement. “Why on earth would anyone want to do laundry in their game. I don’t like doing it in real life. Off the Grid or Food Preserves would have been a much better choice.” 

“I’ve lost interest, this was the lamest and least eco friendly option,” said another commenter. The user Anna HayDay simply summed it up with “it is sad”. Yeesh. 

One player was so angry, they posted a single image of a sim standing in front of a washing machine on the anonymous Sim Secrets blog. It was captioned, “You stupid shit for brains I swear to god.” 

Another angry player made a piss-take video of “leaked” gameplay footage. 

Whatever your stance on the infamous laundry feature of 2017, just know that there’s an entire community ready and waiting to listen to your complaints. 

Source: Kotaku.

Photo: The Sims 4.