The Sims 4: Seasons expansion is just the gift that keeps on giving, folks. Not only does it let you fuck Santa, it also has an in-game event which lets your sims roam the streets looking for fights.

The event itself is called Neighborhood Brawl and works a little differently to other Simlish holidays like Love Day (its version of Valintine’s Day) by simply appearing on your calendar at random. It sounds a helluva lot like the movie The Purge, only you just beat the piss out of folks rather than flat-out murdering them.

When the blessed day arrives, your sim will be free to lurch around the neighbourhood looking for biffs. Nothing can stop them, either, they’ll literally be able to fight anyone. Hell, if your doors are unlocked, your neighbours can walk into your house and straight-up start some shit, presumably while yelling “YOU WANNA GO, CUNT?” at the top of their digital lungs. Even families will turn on each other.

It sounds like an absolute laugh riot and to be fair, after all of the wild shit we’ve put our sims through over these years, they deserve the opportunity to let off some steam, even if it does involve widespread assault, breaking and entering, and just generally causing a nuisance. You can see it in action in the clip below if you’ve got a spare 20 minutes.

Hell yeah, that’s some top-notch gear. The Seasons expansion is already out if you’re stingin’ for a fight.

Image: EA