Believe it or not, it’s taken 24 years since the release of id Software’s classic first-person shooter, Doom 2, for someone to 100 per cent complete it. Not just finish it, but 100 per cent discover every secret on every level. After gamer, Zero Master, figured out the trick and posted a video to the /r/speedrun subreddit, Doom co-creator, John Romero, confirmed it was legit via a tweet.

The secret in question is on Map 15 which is also known as Industrial Zone. While the area has been accessed by others previously, it was never actually done so without cheats or some kind of modification to the original game. Getting there was either declared impossible by way of a bug or simply because the developers wanted to be assholes. It turned out to be more of the latter.

Amazingly, the only way to trigger the secret – a hidden portal – is to be pushed into it by an enemy. If you walk over the same spot of your own volition, it does absolutely nothing. It was actually considered a glitch for a long time, but as Romero points out, it was absolutely an intentional move on id’s part.

Essentially, this means old mate is the first person to 100 per cent complete Doom 2 in its original state. Later version of the game ended up fixing what they considered a bug, but the MS-DOS version remains unchanged.

It only took 24 dang years. Romero must be relieved as hell.

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Image: id Software