After announcing a new entry into the rebooted Doom franchise at this year’s E3, Bethesda lifted the lid on shitload of gameplay footage at QuakeCon earlier today.

Doom Eternal is essentially a reboot of Doom II, which was set on an Earth ravaged by demonic assholes. This same setting was hinted in the E3 teaser, but was confirmed during today’s keynote via some intense gameplay footage.

While the premise of Eternal is largely similar to its predecessor – blow the heads off hundreds of demons using an array of enormous guns – the team at id Games also added some new features, like the ability to raid someone else’s campaign as a demon.

The Invasion mode even lets you and your mates team up so you can grief the shit out of others with your mates. Of course, you can switch the feature off if you don’t like the idea of people crashing your single-player experience.

On top of gameplay, we also got a glimpse of some new weapons, like the classic plasma rifle from the original games, and the improved double-barrel shotgun which now has a sweet grappling hook attachment that allows you to pull yourself towards enemies to better fuck them up.

You’ll also see some new enemies, some of which have been re-imagined from the old games and some which are totally new. Check out the clip from today’s keynote below.

As you can see, Doom Eternal is shaping up to be another unapologetically chaotic and gory shooter with an extra dash of humour. There’s no official release date on this one just yet, but Amazon is listing it as December 28, so do with that what you will.

We’ll be having a chat about the game with some of the id team a little later, so keep an eye out for more Doom content in the coming days.

Image: Bethesda