Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor, Terry Crews, loves gaming, folks. In fact, he and his son even built their own computer with a little help from the internet, but when it comes to his favourite game of all time, Terry’s got a taste for the classics.

During a chat with Crews about his role in the upcoming Microsoft title, Crackdown 3, he told me that the game he loves most is the OG arcade version of Defender and that he absolutely kicked ass at it back in the day.

“It had that 2D thing where you were pointing left or right and you are picking up and saving people, and I just remember being really good,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “I couldn’t play it now, but it was intuitive.”

“Once you had a game that you could play, you wouldn’t waste your quarters on something you were just trying to learn on. Go dominate a game so that you can get the most fun for your money, and Defender was my deal, man.”

Defender was released in 1981 and was heavily influenced by both Space Invaders and Asteroids. It’s essentially a side-scrolling version of the former and if I was a kid when it was around in arcades, I’d probably love the shit out of it, too. You can suss out a clip of it below.

It’s incredibly cool to hear someone like Crews nerd out over a game the same way I would, particularly when he mentions how he can still recall the sounds of it. “It all plays back in my head, dude,” he said. “That was some of the most fun I ever had as a kid.”

I spoke to Crews about his role in Crackdown 3 and how acting in a video game compares to other roles like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so keep an eye out for that yarn a little later, mates.

Image: Getty Images