Incredibly pure soul, Terry Crews, should probably win father of the decade. Not only did the actor get into building gaming PCs to strengthen the bond with his son, but he’s also planning on building one with his daughter to encourage girls into the tech and gaming space.

I had a chat with Crews recently about his role in the upcoming Microsoft exclusive, Crackdown 3, and his love of gaming in general. After hearing about a PC which was made for him by JayzTwoCents which was inspired by Old Spice – and even has a stick of the stuff inside it – I simply had to know more about it. After giving me a rundown of the beastly rig, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star was excited to tell me about his next PC building project.

“I am building a new one,” Crews told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “We have all the parts right now and I’m building a new one with my daughter, my 15-year-old, Wynfrey, and we picked the pink case, with the pink peripherals.”

“Because we already have a computer, with the gaming stuff, we’re looking to maybe donate it or give it to some sort of girls and boys club just to encourage girls into it.”

Goddamn, that is some wholesome shit, folks. Crews also gave us the lowdown on how acting in a video game is far more challenging than acting for TV shows and movies. You can read more about that at the link below if you’re keen.

Old mate plays the character, Commander Isaiah Jaxon, who is actually named in tribute to his son, Isaiah Crews. Crackdown 3 hits both Xbox One and Windows PC on the 15th of February if you’re keen to give that one a red hot go.