There are still a couple of weeks to go before Nintendo‘s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hits shelves, but it turns out hackers have already leaked the game online.

Five different sources told Motherboard that the leak is indeed legit, which is a big deal given we’re talking about a major first-party release popping up on piracy sites so soon. “As far as [pirated] Switch games go this is the biggest ever,” the administrator of Switch piracy community, WarezNX, told Motherboard via Discord“Two weeks early for a game like ‘Smash’ is insane for a public leak.”

It’s so wild, low-level users in the community have already been banned from accessing the leak because the admin “did not agree with ‘Smash’ leaking as early as it did”.

The publication was sent gameplay footage as well as capture from the game’s menus and stage selection screens. Elsewhere, similar footage has reportedly popped up on Twitch and YouTube, but Nintendo has managed to file copyright claims against most of them, resulting in their deletion.

Motherboard says there’s a bunch of mirrors for the download getting around, but at least one version of the leak is capable of bricking (completely and permanently fucking) your Switch. It looks like Nintendo is gonna have a pretty tough time containing this one before the legitimate release rolls around.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out on December 7. I’d watch out for story mode spoilers between now and then, folks.

Source: Motherboard
Image: Nintendo