If you thought Overwatch just didn’t involve enough fisticuffs, Blizzard has got some goddamn news for you. 

After a long series of hints and teasers, legendary baddie Doomfist is now a playable hero in the class-based kingpin. As of right now, the character is available for use in the Public Test Region.

The fan hype surrounding the arrival of Nigerian unit Akande Ogundimu has been matched by his powers, namely a fucking super fist. Overwatch’s 25th hero is gifted with a mechanised gauntlet that makes him a powerful new offensive option.
The charged-punch Rocket Fist is powerful enough to break through barriers – think Mei’s ice walls, or Reinhardt’s shield – enabling all manner of new attacking strategies. 

Meteor Strike enables players to, well, jump in the air and smash the ground, dealing significant damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby.

While there was a huge push for latter-day PC gamer Terry Crews to voice Doomfist, he’s actually voiced by the imperious Stomp The Yard actor Sahr Ngaujah.
If you’re keen to hear him in action – and to see the fist do its thing – peep some fresh gameplay footage below.

Source and photo: Blizzard.