Even if you know absolutely nothing about games, you’ve probably heard or seen the word Fortnite around the internet in some shape or form. Like Drake joining in on a sesh with streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins which took Twitter by storm. It’s a bloody popular survival game for a lot of reasons. It’s free, there’s a giant map to roam, it’s player versus player, and it’s now got mobile portability which means under-the-table-Facebook-scrolling just got bumped back a couple of spots.

As you can imagine, this latest phone upgrade has caused a shit storm for teachers who are collecting less and less completed homework and having to confiscate phones. One of these poor teachers is Mr Hillman, a fan himself, who took to the game’s Battle Royale Reddit forum to ask the creators for a lil’ favour. The thread has since been deleted as other users warned Hillman of using his real name on his Reddit account but the message was definitely received. 

According to Polygon, Hillman wrote,

“First, I love your game. My friends from college and I play pretty much every night. One problem, since mobile came out my students won’t stop playing in class. Idk if it’s possible, but I told them I’d write you and they didn’t believe me. Could you add this to the loading screen for a couple of days to mess with them? ‘Mr Hillman says stop playing in class.’”

And just in time for April Fool’s, too.

It took some time but the loading screen on the mobile version now shows just that.

Community Manager at Fortnite, K.L Smith posted a screenshot of the lil’ addition to Twitter causing quite a fair few giggles.

Who know’s how long it’ll last but it’s a pretty cute quirk to add.


But it’s the thought that counts.

Image: Twitter / @arCtyC