Every now and then, Snoop Dogg enjoys a little downtime on Twitch where he streams himself playing games. His latest entry is one of the most entertaining yet.

Going by the name Doggydogg20, Mr. Dogg is playing the early access survival game, SOS, which is kinda like a violent version of the popular reality TV show, Survivor.

“SOS is an interactive game show where 16 entertaining performers are dropped onto La Cuna Island with one simple goal – get off La Cuna Island,” the game’s Steam description reads. “Players must find a relic, signal for extraction, and grab a spot on the rescue chopper while out-thinking opponents and fending off monster hordes.”

Despite being higher than anyone ever, Snoop’s actually pretty good at it, describing the title as “dope as fuck”. Some other great lines from old mate include, “he tased that motherfucker”, “unlock the pot… no chronic in there”, and “I need something to get my blood back together”.

You can watch the clip – in which Snoop is constantly smoking a staggeringly large blunt – below.

Feeling stoned? That’s ok, it’s pretty much scientifically proven that watching Snoop Dogg do anything for more than 15 minutes is equivalent to lunging 2 – 3 rompers from a Gatorade bueg. Just go with it.

Image: Twitch / Doggydogg20