After a series of weird tweets made by its community managers, the Sims 4 team has released a trailer for its upcoming content expansion titled, StrangerVille. While I was kinda right about it being some strange alien shit, the clip kinda leaves me with more questions than answers.

StrangerVille isn’t a full-blown expansion, but something called a “game pack”, which is a smaller addition of content, in this case, a story-driven experience involving… Well, we’re not really sure yet, but it seems like something alien.

You can have a look at the trailer for yourself below.

How’s old mate with the colander on his head. If anyone’s gonna unravel the mystery here, it’s absolutely gonna be him and his conspiracy-ass vest.

The pack will come with new outfits, like bomber jackets, prairie dresses, and lab coats, which is probably the closest you’ll get to playing as Walter White without having to install a mod. There’ll also be new locations and a bunch of things to do centring around whatever the story turns out to be.

StrangerVille will be available to download on February 26 for both Mac and PC if you’re keen to solve the mystery of why everyone’s typing odd messages into Twitter.

Again, I’m not going into the crater. I will not be swayed on this.

Image: EA