Hardcore survival game, Scum, made headlines when it was released earlier this year for giving its players an unprecedented amount of control over their characters, right down to their intake of vitamin B12 and choosing when to poop. Recently the game introduced a way to make your in-game dong bigger, and there were some interesting bugs that came along with that.

You see, the ability to give yourself a mighty hog was tied to other attributes and as such, makes it a complex system which can often prone to bugs and glitches. Making your bits bigger uses attribute points you could otherwise use for, uh, more useful things. For example, you could make your penis tiny and use those extra points for strength, or make yourself dumb as hell in exchange for a hulking peen.

The game was given a hotfix today to sort a number of issues, but in particular, three penile-related bugs stand out. Please see them below for your amusement.

  • Bug fix where penis would get bigger with each login.
  • Fixed a bug where urinating would lock hands and penis if interrupted.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to increase penis size without it affecting other attributes.

They weren’t the only fixes rolled out, just the best to laugh at like the fully-grown children we are. you can check out the whole list here if you’re keen.

Scum is out right now on Steam for PC. The detail in the game is pretty heavy, but if you’re into meticulous survival games, it’s definitely worth a look.

Image: Devolver Digital