Folks playing GTA Online recently have reported seeing a seemingly official message from Rockstar Games about the release of GTA VI happening next year. While we’d all love to believe that’s true, the company have confirmed the messages as a hoax.

A number of users have posted screenshots of the “Rockstar Message” that says “GTA VI coming 2019” to the GTA Online Reddit page, which has apparently appeared across the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms where folks often use mods. Some players even reported seeing multiple messages just minutes apart.

The fact the messages only seem to appear on platforms where modding is rife should be ringing alarm bells. Most have come to the conclusion that a hacker is simply exploiting the Rockstar Social Club messaging system to be a bit of a dick. Sorry if you got your hopes up, pals.

Here’s an example of the message which you can see in the bottom left side of the screenshot below, which was posted to the Rockstar support page by user mibr4ever.

The Rockstar Support Twitter account confirmed the hoax early this morning in a reply.

Even if the message was legit, it would be very out of character for the company, who are extremely secretive with its releases. While GTA VI is almost certainly in development as we speak, there’s no way it would be ready for release in 2019 because if it was, we’d know far more about it by now.

Given we’re drawing closer to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, it would also be super weird for Rockstar to draw attention away from that. But hey, if you’re a GTA fan, the upcoming title – which looks unbelievably good – should be enough to sate you for now.

Source: Polygon
Image: Rockstar Games