A leak of Read Dead Redemption 2 production documents suggests the long-awaited sequel will boast an online battle royale mode á la PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, among some other massive additions to the beloved franchise.

Trusted Reviews reports it obtained the documents back in August last year, but held off on publishing until it could verify some key details. However, the recent release of official promotional materials seems to back up the authenticity of the notes, leading the publication to reveal details of the leak.

The notes suggest Rockstar is developing a game made actually entitled Battle Royale. While further details are sparse, it seems the developer is keen to make the most of the gaming public’s current obsession with open-world free-for-alls.

Two other multiplayer game modes are also mentioned. There’s Money Grab, a capture-the-flag style mode where players are tasked with pilfering bags of loot from a central location, and Revive And Survive, which teases a revival mechanic within a team-based melee mode.

The online world will reportedly allow players to purchase in-game accomodation in the form of tents, and may boast NPCs who operate on the game’s day-night cycle. Storefronts will be packed at noon and emptied at night, Trusted Reviews states.

The notes state those same NPCs will be able to divvy up quests and equipment to players, further colouring the Western wilderness with cool shit to see, do, and kill.

A bunch of survival skills may also make their way into the final game. Horsemanship challenges, the cultivation of healing herbs, fishing, gold mining, herding, and firearm skill-checks have all been mentioned in the notes.

As far as transportation goes, fully-fledged trains seem to be in the works. The notes state you’ll be able to mosey around inside the carriages and speak to NPCs there, too.

Interestingly, players may also be able to navigate the world in first-person mode.

Trusted Reviews points out that since those notes were received, many features may have been dropped from the final game, so it’s worth taking the leak with a little bit of skepticism. At the same time, you can goddamn bet we’re gonna go full Westworld on some unsuspecting scrubs if that battle royale mode comes to fruition.

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Source: Trusted Reviews