It’s one thing to put a few avocados through the self-serve checkout as apples, folks, but putting a sticker for fruit on a fucking PlayStation 4 is a whole new level of theft. That’s right, a man in France put a €9 ($14) sticker meant for fruit on a PS4 and went to jail for it.

As spotted by Kotaku, French publication, L’est Republicain, reported that the 19-year-old Nice man committed in September last year. Old mate thought he got away with it, too, because he went back and tried the same thing the very next day like a goddamn idiot and got caught by the cops.

And I’d like to make it wildly clear at this point that he took a PS4 off the shelf, walked up to a scale in the produce section, fucking weighed the thing, printed out a sticker which is meant for fruit and vegetables, stuck it to the side of the box and paid for it at an enormous discount. Unreal. He apparently then sold it for €100 ($159) to pay for a train ticket.

Given he should have paid €340 ($543) for the PS4, he casually gave himself a $529 discount at the self-serve checkout. I mean, the guy’s either ballsy as hell or just really didn’t think about the ramifications of making such a stupid decision. Either way, he was sentenced to four months prison for his actions.

Even if a little mango-as-an-apple-at-the-self-serve action is tempting to you, just don’t even try it, folks. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s big chain supermarkets coming down hard on product loss.

Source: Kotaku
Image: Naughty Dog