The remake of the classic third-person adventure game, MediEvil, was given a new trailer and a release date during Sony‘s recent State of Play livestream.

The trailer, which explores the story aspect of MediEvil, reveals the release date as October 25 this year. Of course, it’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive, so it’s the only platform you’ll be able to get it on if you’re keen to pick it up.

You can suss the trailer for yourself below.

As you can see, the trailer shows how the main character, Sir Daniel Fortesque, died charging into battle against the evil sorcerer, Zarok, after which both of them are brought back from the dead to fight each other once again. Gnarly stuff.

Unlike the recent iterations of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon – which were categorised more as remasters – this one is spruiked as a remake, kind of like the Resident Evil 2 remake. In other words, there will be more tweaks and changes as opposed to just a fresh coat of paint. All the staples appear to be there, though. Big swords, shooting bulk arrows, etc.

As for exactly what we can expect out of the game, we won’t know more until media gets its hands on it, which I’d wager will be around June at E3.

It’s cool to see another classic get a revival, though.

Image: Ocean Interactive