By now you’ve at least heard of Fortnite – the insanely popular battle royale game that’s becoming more of a pop culture phenomenon every day. Frankly, it’s fucking wild to see just how far it’s exploded into the mainstream.

The game is completely free to download and play, with most of its revenue stemming from optional cosmetic purchases. Despite it costing absolutely nothing to obtain the full experience, fans are now paying absurd amounts of money for physical copies of the title. Xbox One and PS4 editions of the game are currently selling for as much as $450 ($607). For a free fucking game.

Most copies floating around on Ebay and Amazon are going for between $US100 ($135) and $US200 ($270) and as GameSpot points out, there’s plenty of old listings showing loads of previous sales.

Why are people buying expensive copies of a free game, you ask? Well, its publishers are no longer making these physical copies, making the item desirable to collectors. Given mint condition copies of limited release games can sell for insane amounts of money down the line, many could even be seeing it as an investment.

You all laugh now, but these games could rake in actual thousands one day.

After the game was announced as immediately available on the Nintendo Switch at this year’s E3, it’s now playable on almost everything, including mobile. Fuck, you’ll probably be able to play it on your fridge by 2020.

It’s bloody everywhere and it’s unlikely to disappear anytime soon, folks.

Source: GameSpot
Image: Epic Games