Characters from the Nintendo universe are more often than not voiceless entities, save for a grunt or “wahh” here and there. This is the way it’s always been, which is why it’s so difficult to hear Wario speak entire sentences in WarioWare Gold for the Nintendo 3DS.

The latest addition to the WarioWare franchise features a bunch of new minigames, as well as a fully voice acted Wario, which is just jarring as all fuck. I’m not kidding, listen for yourself in the tweet below.

What is that accent? It almost sounds… Russian? Italian? I hate talking Wario and demand to know who signed off on this. And why is he stealing Mario’s “it’s-a me” catchphrase? This is bullshit.

All of his mates are voice acted now, as well, but I’m ok with that, seeing as though they don’t really show up anywhere except for Wario’s own cooked world.

The game doesn’t come out until August 3, but there’s a demo sitting on the Nintendo 3DS eShop right now, which is how folks are mining all of the voice data and sharing it for everyone to see. If you feel like watching old mate say even more bizarre shit, you can check out 20 minutes worth of gameplay footage below.

According to the game’s manual, WarioWare Gold also has a feature that lets you dub over cutscenes with your own voice, which, to be honest, is probably better than hearing Wario speak for himself. Return his voicebox to the void.

Image: Nintendo