A popular Minecraft streamer who had been playing the same continuous instance of the game for five years has finally fucked it all up and died at the hands of a zombie baby, a skeleton, and a spider.

Phil Watson, better known as Philza, was playing on the hardcore survival mode, which means dying permanently wipes that instance of the gaming completely should you cark it. And yes, Philza’s five-year streak was absolutely a record, but he says he was never looking to set one.

“It was never about being the best or the longest, I just liked playing it and managed to survive,” he told BBC News. “I started saying I was the world’s longest hardcore survivor because I couldn’t find anyone else.”

He says he couldn’t find any other player who “lasted more than a couple of months”.

The 31-year-old streamer died after a baby zombie wearing enchanted armour startled him, and as he was running away, he was shot by a skeleton which, in turn, pushed him into a spider. Talk about an unlucky sequence of events.

“I ran out of luck,” he told BBC News. He even had the necessary health items to survive the attack, he just didn’t use them. This is what happens when you get overconfident, folks. You forget to eat your golden apples. “I felt stupid making such an easy mistake,” he admitted.

As you can imagine, his reaction at that moment is nothing short of pure devastation. You can see it for yourself in the clip below.

“Really!? That’s how I die? Oh my god, I’m fucking stupid,” he says in the video. He’s so bummed out.

While Philza said he was pretty much done with the game after the death, he’s getting the itch to jump into another Minecraft adventure soon, so watch this space.

Perma-death is a bitch.

Source: BBC News
Image: Twitch / Philza