The upcoming postal plebiscite is the most important event for marriage equality in Australia, but when was the last time you actually sent a letter in the mail?

While we’re so used to using email or text messages to send correspondence, the postal vote requires us to go back to the past and use the post office like a typical Baby Boomers. Reckon you can handle that?

Of course you can, but just in case, here’s a fun little browser game that’ll refresh your memory.

It’s called Going Postal and tasks you with guiding your vote into the post box while avoiding obstacles along the way, including shrugging Malcolm Turnbull, speedo-clad Tony Abbott with laser eyes, and a gavel wielding High Court judge. Oh, and rocks. Rocks are obstacles too.

The game will do the running for you, you just have to hit spacebar to jump. Once you get to the post box, you’ll get the message below.

Hell yeah, share that shit around, ay. The game was made by a creative studio called Agency, with their Sydney communications director, Tim Middlemiss, addressing the decline in traditional postage use.

“Politicians on both sides have been making a game out of marriage equality for the last few years – so we created an actual game to help get marriage equality through,” he said.

“Australians, particularly young Australians, don’t send much snail mail any more, so we’re hoping this game helps people practice going postal before the big vote.”

You can give it a whirl for yourself right here.

Source: Gizmodo
Image: Agency