In the lead up to this year’s E3 conference, many of gamings biggest publishers are beginning to drip feed details about upcoming announcements. By the beginning of next week we’ll have a good idea of what most companies have going on this year, including every gamers biggest frustration – platform exclusivity.

This is when a console pays a publisher to withhold some content or in some cases, an entire game from other platforms for a period of time or even forever. It’s a real pain in the ass and is horrible for the gaming community, particularly those who choose to stick to just one platform.

Our first disappointing taste of platform exclusivity prior to E3 2018 is from one of the year’s most anticipated titles, Red Dead Redemption 2, which was today revealed to have content exclusive to PlayStation for a certain amount of time.

“PlayStation® Exclusive: Play select content first on PlayStation®4. Details to follow,” the game’s developer, Rockstar, published in an article about pre-order bundles and bonuses today.

It’s unclear exactly what PlayStation users will get over everyone else and how long they’ll get it for, but it could be anything from purely cosmetic items to entire sections of the game. It’s not the first time Sony has played the exclusivity card, either. If you’re a Destiny fan, you’ll probably remember that PS4 players got a bunch of guns and even whole strikes years before Xbox One owners.

We’ll likely know a lot more next week, so we’ll keep you updated when more info drops.

Image: Rockstar Games