American rapper, Logic, performed on Ellen recently, and judging by the footage, it’s safe to say he had a really fucking good time doing it.

“We made it, we on Ellen, this is crazy,” he said. “I’m so happy, I love you Ellen.” Alright mate, settle down. But it’s what he says towards the end of the song that was a little more interesting.

“Tell that boy Drake he don’t want it with me on Fortnite.”

That’s right, Logic called out Drake’s Fortnite skills during a performance on Ellen. If you weren’t already convinced of the game’s enormous pop culture standing, there’s your proof, chump – it’s hit daytime television. You can suss the performance below.

Drake recently jumped into a game with popular Twitch streamer, TylerNinjaBlevins, helping the platform achieve an absolutely mammoth viewership record. Whether or not Logic plays the game himself isn’t really clear, but if he’s talking big game, he surely must be.

It’s a bizarre time to be alive, folks, and I dare say this won’t be the last time a celebrity uses Fortnite or any other video game for some form of attention. But hey, if rappers around the world have decided that all future beef will be settled inside a Battle Royale game, I’m all for it.

Image: Ellen