League of Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games around at the moment, and it’s now becoming even more expansive with a brand new title from publisher Riot Games.

Legends of Runeterra was announced today as part of the League Of Legends 10 year anniversary, and while different in format, it’s entirely set within the League Of Legends universe.

Now, I’m pretty shit at MOBA games, but I enjoy strategy card games because they give me a hot second to consider my actions without other people button-mashing me into oblivion. So last weekend at PAX Australia, when I got the opportunity to give Legends of Runeterra a whirl, I was far too confident for my own good. I’m terrible, but the game’s not.

The game, set to launch in 2020, features champions from League of Legends itself, as well as a whole host of new faces, each with their own abilities and powers. The art style is just as colourfully stunning, and yes, there are Poros.

league of legends - legends of runeterra

Look at that cute lil shit go.

Mechanically speaking, the game works in a turn-based capacity with the exception of a few abilities, and you can get seriously intense with deck-building and strategy for both defence and offence. There’s also a preview function if, like me, you’re indecisive and wanna know how badly you’ll fuck up your turn if you make a certain move.

A refreshing addition is that you won’t wind up flogging your cash on randomised card packs only to find they’re useless, cos’ players are able to earn or purchase ANY card in the game (using either experience points from completed missions or their own real-world currency).

Plus, some of the cards in your deck grow alongside you and will level up with new powers as you level up yourself. TBH, it’s kind of nice not to have to ditch your original cards for stronger ones (this from the girl who kept her OG Pidgey to the end of Pokémon cos’ she got too attached), so I’m all about it.

league of legends - legends of runeterra

Not bhed.

Essentially, if you’ve played Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering (*cough* nerd, *cough* me) and have a decent grasp of online card game mechanics, then you’ll be reasonably equipped to dive right into Legends of Runeterra — with some added extras.

The free-to-play strategy game will be fully launched in 2020 on both PC and mobile, but if you’re a keen bean, it’s open now for pre-registration with your existing LoL account. It’ll mean a chance at early access over the next five days, or another sneaky five in November before the official launch.

If you’re a fan of online strategy card games, League of Legends, or just some really pretty art, you’ll probs be pretty keen on Legends of Runeterra. It’s visually stunning and I’m terrible at it, but from what I’ve seen so far, it absolutely slaps.

Image: Legends Of Runeterra / Riot Games