Last week, Convict Games founder, Greg Louden, walked me through the first 15 minutes of his upcoming game, STONE, which put me in the shoes, or uh, thongs, of a private detective stoner koala. If that sounds like a total trip, then it’s having the intended effect. Recently, Greg released a video of the same stuff I got to play, so now you can all have a gander as well.

Described as a hip-hop stoner noir, STONE was inspired by a whole range of influences, like Hunter S. Thompson, The Big LebowskiCharles Bukowski, techno, and more.

“We wanted to push interactive storytelling further,” Greg told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “To bring noir to 2018, it had to be hip-hop. Hip-hop to me also is about wordplay and STONE is filled with references and throwbacks. The whole koala anthropomorphic concept came from the fact it’s a great metaphor.”

The demo runs through three different settings; STONE’s trashed flat, the local pub, and a European-inspired techno nightclub. You can suss out the footage for yourself in the video below, narrated by Greg.

Hell yeah. As you probably heard at the end there, STONE is out next week for PC and Mac, which is a nice little surprise considering the only window we had previously was sometime in Spring. I can’t wait to get in there and play through what’s shaping up to be an amazing Australian game.

Image: Convict Games