Fortnite for iOS has been around in beta for a little while now, but you needed an invite if you wanted to get amongst the action. Not anymore, folks, the game is now out in full on the Apple platform.

You’ll need an iPhone SE / 6S or later running iOS 11 to play the game. All you have to do is download it from the app store, set yourself up and jump into a game. Fortnite creator, Epic Games, announced the surprise release via Twitter today, starting off the message with “no invite needed”.

While the company certainly wasn’t tight with the invites it handed out, it’s one less hassle for those wanting to give the Battle Royale game’s mobile variant a whirl.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this release breaks some other wild record, too, given its user base has already flown past main competitor, PUBG, and broken viewership records for both Twitch and Youtube. Fortnite just keeps moving from strength to strength.

As far as the game itself goes, I was actually surprised by how well it performs in a mobile setting. Running on an iPhone X, the frame rate was consistent without the graphics looking like ass, which is rare for a mobile game.

After trying to play Duke Nukem 3D (don’t bother) on a touch screen, I gave up on the idea of player shooters on an iPhone, but the controls for Fortnite are much easier to get a handle on, albeit, much more stripped back than other platforms.

You can choose to cross-play with PC or console if you’re cocky, but it’s a bad move if you ask me. They’ll have the edge on you every time.

It’s all free as well, so jump in and give it a go if you’re curious. You can get it right here.

Image: Epic Games