Possibly as a combination of my age and the fact that we didn’t own any consoles at the time, I just missed out on playing Final Fantasy VII in my childhood. My first experience with the franchise was Final Fantasy IX, and I never had a particularly earnest go at giving any of the earlier ones a crack. As a result, I do not have the requisite nostalgia required to even consider buying a special edition Square Enix FFVII watch for $3600.

The Final Fantasy VII Chronograph is manufactured by Seiko and will be available in two styles, the Cloud Strife edition and the darker Sephiroth edition.

The Square Enix website describes the watch as an “incredible chronograph timepiece” with “amazing handcrafted detail” that will ” be the centerpiece of anyone’s collection for years to come!” At the moment, the watch can only be pre-ordered, with the watch due to be ready to ship by March 2020.

If this seems like your idea of a good deal, you can pre-order the watch right here.

Image: Square Enix