Drake loves himself a bit of Fortnite, so much so he joined big shot Twitch streamer TylerNinjaBlevins for a second round of Battle Royale fun last night. The last time the pair streamed, it broke an actual fucking viewership record for the platform.

During the latest stream, Ninja told the Canadian rapper that he should definitely rap about the popular game in his upcoming record. “Dude, you gotta put some Fortnite lingo in the album, man,” he said.

And Drake actually said he’d do it, but only if Epic Games come to the table and introduce a ‘Hotline Bling‘ emote into the game.

“I say when Epic gives me the emote, when Epic gives me the ‘Hotline Bling’ emote, I’ll do it, man,” Drake said. This is peak 2018, folks.

If you’ve been living under a fucking rock, Drake is referring to the dance from his 2016 video for the song, ‘Hotline Bling’ where he does that weird squat thing. He wants players to be able to do the dance in Fortnite.


Whether or not the company will come good on the request is uncertain, but it would seem silly for them to decline. It’s easy publicity, not that the game needs it at this point.

Fortnite has become so fucking popular, it’s gone from being just a game to a fully fledged pop culture phenomenon. I mean, Logic even called out Drake’s skills during a performance on Ellen last week.

“Tell that boy Drake he don’t want it with me on Fortnite,” he said.

We’re officially in the weirdest timeline, folks.