Nintendo unveiled its 2019 Spring Showcase earlier today, announcing an enormous amount of indie titles heading to the Switch. Among them, is the insanely hard, hand-drawn classic, Cuphead.

Thanks to some help from Microsoft, Cuphead will launch on the Nintendo console on April 18 but is available for pre-purchase right now. It’s known for being notoriously difficult, but also very beautiful, given it was entirely hand-drawn in 1930s cartoon fashion. On top of all that, its vibrant jazz soundtrack kicks so much ass you’ll be humming it for weeks.

Along with Cuphead, the company covered a whopping 17 more indies hitting the Switch over the course of this year. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights.

My Friend Pedro

A Max Payne-esque adventure through a hail of gunfire featuring a banana named Pedro. With a hook like that, how could you not be intrigued?

Backflips, slow motion, and bananas. Fuck yeah. It’ll be a console exclusive on the Switch when it drops this June. See the trailer below.

The Red Lantern

A story-driven adventure in which you control a dog sled through the Alaskan wilderness. I probably had you at “dog sled,” right?

You’ll need to hunt to survive, navigate tough terrain, tend to your dogs, and more. It reminds me a lot of the narrative-heavy indie, Firewatch, but colder. Trailer below.

Nuclear Throne

Out today, Nuclear Throne is an action Rogue-like which will have you fighting in a frantic, pixelated, post-apocalyptic wasteland.

It’s fast-paced, intense, and full of mutants. Suss the trailer below.

Stranger Things 3 The Game

Available from July 4, the name really says it all here, folks. You’ll play as a whole bunch of characters from the series in a retro game perfectly crafted for its setting.

You’ll solve puzzles, beat up jerks, and uncover mysteries as you play either solo or with a mate.

Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the Necrodancer

Yep, it’s another Zelda game. Well, kinda, I think. I mean, both Princess Zelda and Link are involved, but I’m not entirely sure what the deal is here.

Either way, looks mad. Have a look below.

Hell yeah, there’s a lot going on, folks. You can check out the rest of the announced games below, along with the full 25-minute Spring Showcase video if you’re keen to have a watch.

  • Overland
  • Neo Cab
  • Darkwood 
  • Katana ZERO 
  • RAD
  • Creature in the Well 
  • Bloodroots 
  • Pine 
  • Super Crate Box 
  • Ultra Bugs 
  • Swimsanity! 
  • Blaster Master Zero II 

It’s gonna be an absolutely huge year for Nintendo, there’s no doubt about it.

Image: Studio MDHR