If you consider yourself a PC gamer, then you’d no doubt be familiar with Steam, Valve‘s online store and game management platform. Steam is PC gaming.

As it often does throughout the year, the platform is having another massive sale, just in time for your annual Christmas break, AKA, sitting on your ass for like a week and a half and binge-eating. Shhhh don’t be ashamed, we’re all this person.

They call it the Winter Sale because, you know, America, but those sweet deals apply to us here in the land of scorching hell, too. What can you buy for low low prices, I hear you ask? Well there’s a flavour of game for everyone.

if you’re into shooters, Steam is flogging titles like Rainbow Six: Siege for $11.63, Prey for $25.90, Wolfenstein II for $38.87, and Metal Gear Solid V for $20.74, among heaps more.

If space adventure is more your speed, you can grab Elite: Dangerous for just $9.71, or the remastered Homeworld collection for a measly $13.60. The bargains simply cannot be tamed.

If none of those butter your parsnips, perhaps you’re the type who gets horny for puzzle games, instead. If that’s the case, you can get The Witness for $20.74, or the insanely good Portal 2 for only $2.58. Can you fucking believe it? I’m sweating just typing this, folks. Christ on a bike.

If you’re all hot and bothered for deals, you can check out the entire sale right here.

Image: Bethesda