For those who haven’t read it, George Orwell‘s Animal Farm tells the story of a farmyard’s descent into communism as an allegory for the Russian revolution of 1917, which then went on to the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union.

Yeah, it’s not exactly a light read, but it could make one helluva video game, which is exactly what a small team of developers is planning to do.

It’s still pretty early in development at the moment, but the plan is to tell both sides of the stories through gameplay – those in charge and those being oppressed. One part of the game will allow you to play as a barnyard animal while the farm descends into a commie nightmare.

The other side of the game is more of a tycoon-style venture, forcing players to make choices to manage and maintain the farm.

“It’s particularly important for the readers and players to be able to identify with both oppressors and the oppressed,” developer Imre Jele told Polygon. “This personal journey through fiction can hopefully allow our audience to better understand the motives of the powerful and their own place in an increasingly divided society bearing hallmarks of totalitarian regimes.”

The calibre of the team has got me pretty pumped for this one, including George Baker (Fable), Imre Jele (RuneScape), Jessica Curry (Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture), Kate Saxon (The Witcher 3) and Andy Payne (Gambitious).

“It’s the right time for us as creators as we are mature enough to take on the responsibility, it’s the right time for the audience as gamers are keen to experience more sophisticated themes and subject matters, and it’s the right time for society as we’re heading into an era uncomfortably similar to the universe described by George Orwell,” said Jele.

There’s no release date just yet, but you can keep tabs on the project on their website.

Source: Polygon
Image: Animal Farm