GTA Online dropped a massive new expansion last week which lets players run their own nightclubs. While it doesn’t sound like much, the After Hours update packs a huge amount of content and as some players have discovered, an amusing easter egg you can only receive by getting your character absolutely shitfaced.

Like any good nightclub, you can waltz right on up to the bar and choose from a variety of alcoholic beverages, increasing in price as they get more ~lux~. Getting pissed in the game is nothing new, but there’s one item on the menu that gets you far drunker than the rest.

It’s called the Macbeth Whiskey Shot and it’ll knock you the fuck out after just one of them, leaving your player to wake up in all sorts of weird places. Most of the time it’ll just be the nightclub bathrooms, but others have been regaining consciousness on the dam, in a hedge maze, or even on top of Mt Chiliad.

As reported by Kotaku, some players have been waking up on top of the Epsilon building wearing an exclusive Kifflom shirt. If you’re not familiar, The Epsilon Program is GTA’s version of Scientology and Kifflom is a phrase used on its website. The shirt itself is actually a recreation of a real shirt Rockstar sells on its real website.

The thing is, no one can figure out exactly how the shirt is triggered, so it seems to be picked completely at random. Some players have tried drinking the shot for hours with absolutely no luck. You can check it out in action in the video below.

If you’re keen to give it a whirl for yourself, make sure you’ve got a bit of money on you, because the shot costs $350 a pop. Party on.

Source: Kotaku
Image: Rockstar Games