PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with TAC to get y'all prioritising, you know, life over your phone. Watch their epic doco "It's People Like Us" HERE.

If you’re alive and breathing in 2017 then you’re addicted to your phone. The average person checks the thing hundreds of times a day – on the dunny, behind the wheel, mid-sleep, during a date, you name it – which is proof enough. Heck, you’re probably reading this article on the borderline-satanic device right bloody now.

New doco It’s People Like Us, directed by Academy and Emmy Award winning producer / director Eva Orner, shines the light on our increasing dependence on our smartphones, and the cooked implications that’s having on our lives, our relationships, our wellbeing. You can watch it HERE.

Truth is, smartphones have become part of our lives so quickly that people like you and I haven’t really been able to stop, take a second, and really work out what’s acceptable use of ’em. It’s People Like Us explores exactly that without showing you everything you’ve already seen / heard before on the subject. It uses people, just like us, to really hit home. If you wind up raising your eyebrows and shaking your heads at the people in the doc? You might wanna start with the man in the mirror a la Michael Jackson.