PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Studio Canal's 'Long Shot', in cinemas May 2.

Safe to say that a Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen pairing was unexpected but now that it’s happened, it makes perfect sense.

The two A-listers will be hitting it off in the upcoming flick Long Shot, and if you want tickets to see it with a mate (which obviously you do), you’ve come to right place.


Just tell us above in 25 words or less why your date is a long shot and why you need these tix to make it a sure thing, and you could nab yourselves a double pass to an April 23rd pre-screening in each major city across Australia. Keep in mind the movie itself doesn’t premiere in Oz until May 2nd, so you’ve got a solid week-and-a-bit jump on the masses. Try not to rub it in.

Alright so here’s a bit of a rundown for ya: Long Shot follows Secretary of State Charlotte Field (Theron) as she embarks on her bid for US President. At a little schmoozing shindig, Field runs into ol’ mate Fred Flarsky (Rogan) who she used to babysit when she was younger.

The two hit it off and conveniently enough, Flarsky’s an accomplished journalist who Field hires to help write her campaign speeches to make them jazzier (apparently they were dull as shit beforehand).

From there, Field takes Flarsky on her campaign trail and frankly, if all politicians get as loose as Theron’s Field then sign me the fark up. If I knew a Presidential candidate could get high and dance at bars I would’ve seriously reconsidered my career trajectory.

Get involved with the shenanigans in the trailer below:

If you miss out on free tickets (sucks to be you), you can still see Long Shot when it hits cinemas on May 2.

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