PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Disney's 'Aladdin', in cinemas May 23.

Childhood dreams do come true.

If you fall into the very niche category of people aged between 4-120, you’ve defo been hanging out for Disney’s Aladdin to drop on May 23.


Of course, this isn’t just any old movie so we’re keen on making it the best viewing experience possible. That’s why we’re throwing an Agrabah-themed screening at Lido Cinemas, Melbourne on May 22.

Just tell us in the form above what your three wishes would be if you were lucky enough to stumble upon Genie (keep it to 25 words max) and you could nab 1 of 25 double passes to the exclusive screening.

WIN: We’re Giving Out Tickets To An Agrabah-Themed Screening Of ‘Aladdin’

The entire night is inspired by the city’s bazaar, palace and mystical cave of wonders. Think a delish banquet, musical guests and a buncha like-minded Aladdin fans.

Although the story of Aladdin is well-known to anyone who had even a remotely decent childhood, here’s a refresher for anyone lagging.

In a nutshell, Aladdin (Mena Massoud) considered a bit of a ‘street urchin’ because he’s not uber-rich like those pompous royals sitting on their literal thrones as they lord over Agrabah. So, Aladdin’s just going about his business when he encounters one of the all-time greatest princesses – Jasmine (Naomi Scott) – and the sparks fly. Think fireworks on steroids.

WIN: We’re Giving Out Tickets To An Agrabah-Themed Screening Of ‘Aladdin’

Because life’s never fair, Aladdin and Jasmine can’t make it official because she’s a princess and he’s obviously not, so our street urchin mate enlists the help of Genie (Will Smith) to make him more ~royal~.

Throw in an evil villain Jafar (Marwan Kenzari), a Magic Carpet and a misguided parrot and that my friends, is a taste of what you can expect when Disney’s Aladdin arrives.

Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer for yourselves then:

Prep your peepers, Disney’s Aladdin is in cinemas May 23.

Image: Disney