PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Disney' 'Dumbo', in cinemas March 28th.

If you’re itching to gaze upon the new Disney’s Dumbo flick, we’ve got some ripper news for ya: you might be able to get involved in a private screening.

Just tell us (below) in 25 words or less what your hidden talent is and you could get 1 of 50 double passes to an exclusive screening of Dumbo on March 30th at Melbourne’s historic Astor Theatre. Don’t have a hidden talent? Of course you do, everyone does – stop selling yourself short.


It could be something as simple as rolling your tongue or holding your breath for an absurd amount of time, or it could be successfully convincing your parents that you’re a functioning adult who definitely doesn’t make terrible life choices – just think of a talent that makes you special.

Because we can’t stop fawning over the cuteness that is Dumbo, here’s the trailer for you to (re)watch below:

We want one. Nay, we want 12 – send us 12 identical Dumbos immediately.

Dumbo follows a cute-as-a-button elephant (named Dumbo, surprise!) who can use his ears to fly around which frankly, makes normal elephants with normal ears look borza. Anywho, Dumbo gets roped into saving a struggling circus but the motives behind the circus workers are suss as.

The Tim Burton-helmed flick has enlisted stars like Danny DeVito, Eva Green and Colin Farrell, so you already know it’s going to be an experience.

WIN: Cop An Eyeful Of Elephant Cuteness With Exclusive Tickets To ‘Dumbo’

If you don’t get tickets to the exclusive screening, just head to the cinemas after March 28th to get your Dumbo fix.

Image: Supplied