PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Sony Pictures to celebrate the release of Venom. The big screen movie featuring the newest Marvel character hits cinemas October 4th.

Venom, the new movie to feature Tom Hardy‘s above-average face is just around the corner, so we’re handing out some free tickets simply because we can.

Just tell us why you froth Hardy and you could score 1 x 100 double passes to a pre-screening of Venom in Sydney or Melbourne on October 3rd. There are also 50 movie vouchers to give out nationwide which is just swell.


The new villain/non-villain/who-bloody-knows-at-this-point Marvel character has been kept under severe wraps and it’ll remain a mystery right up until its nationwide release on October 4th, but from what we know so far, Hardy will play journalist Eddie Brock who comes into contact with whatever it is turns him into the super-power wielding Venom.

tom hardy trailer GIF by Venom Movie

From the trailers and sneak peeks (and comic books for some), it’s pretty much guaranteed that Venom is pure evil, so we can safely assume that Hardy’s naturally good character will do some pretty heinous shit.

Have a squiz at the trailer below, and if you miss out on winning tix, catch Venom when it drops nationwide on October 4th.

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