Unveiling the humans behind the ‘monsters’ we see on film and TV is meant to reduce their power. Just think about every messed-up hood the Scooby-Doo gang has ever yanked off a crooked theme park operator. It’s never actually a rotten swamp troll, it’s some gronk named Clarence trying to keep kids from trespassing.

WATCH: Seeing How White Walkers Are Made Doesn’t Make ‘Em Less Fucked

Seeing how Game Of Thrones‘ skeletal White Walkers are created doesn’t make them any less fucked, though. In fact, catching a glimpse of the green-suited stunt pros charging towards Kit Harington & Co. in a new visual effects reel somehow makes it so much worse. 

El Ranchito, a Spanish firm which contributed VFX to several episodes of Thrones‘ latest season, is now showing off some of their work in a five-minute clip. Visually, it’s stunning, and you can’t help but appreciate the work that goes into those shambling masses.

Spoilers ahoy, obviously. If you can stomach some season defining twists  – and the aforementioned murderous bone boys – have a squiz below.