Holy shit, you guys, it looks like Bachelor in Paradise Australia might actually be happening.

If you’re not familiar with the U.S. show, former Bachelor & Bachelorette rejects get plonked together in a lush mansion, and hook up. That’s pretty much it. You start with an even number of guys and girls (say, 10), and then intruders come in to make things uneven. At each rose ceremony (which alternates between guys giving roses and girls giving roses), those left without a rose are booted and the number becomes even once more.

Essentially, it’s rose math on steroids.

We’ve been hearing rumours for some time that Bachelor in Paradise Australia was coming, with Channel 10 batting those rumours away with denial after denial.

But then this Twitter account popped up this morning, which PEDESTRIAN.TV understands was set up by Channel 10.

Sure, it could simply be insurance by the network to ensure nobody else steals the handle should it decide to move forward, but on the whole of it, that feels unlikely.

We’ve Been Tipped Off That ‘Bachelor In Paradise Australia’ Is 100% On

P.TV also understands that production is about to begin, courtesy of a producer who shall remain nameless (because, duh).

It’s been reported that Nikki Gogan, who was famously the runner up on Richie Strahan‘s year, was seen filming a promotional campaign for the show recently in Palm Beach in Sydney. Publicly, Nikki has stated that she’s done with The Bachelor and is settling in nicely to her new career as a real estate agent, but that could easily be a case of classic misdirection.

It’s also being reported that the season will be filming in Fiji. Uhhh, sign me the fuck up.

The speculation now rests on who from previous seasons will be back for more. Keira seems a likely bet, as does Sam Frost rejects David Watko and Michael Turnbull. Hell, we could even see a Blake Garvey / Louise Pillidge reunion.


Image: Channel 10