That Carpool Karaoke was going to land with its own standalone series was never in question. That it, for whatever reason, took this long to premiere is another question entirely. But nevertheless, Apple Music has finally launched the fully fledged show, birthed from the shackles of a wildly popular segment on The Late Late Show.

Unlike the broadcast TV version, the whole premise of the show standing on its own two feet is to put unlikely musical pairings together, taking James Corden out of the car for the most part, and get ’em singin’ and gabbin’ away as they ease on down, ease on down the road.

Still, it wouldn’t be right to kick the show off without the affable British TV host who Liam Gallagher gloriously referred to as a “knobhead.”

And as such, the first episode – which has launched today on Apple – features Corden riding along with Will Smith and belting out various tunes from the Wild Wild West dude’s Fresh Prince back catalogue.

The first six minutes of the episode have appeared online – the whole episode is only available on Apple Music – and give us a little hint of ‘Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,’ ‘Boom! Shake The Room!‘ and one hell of a giant marching band.

The streaming behemoth is dropping new episodes each week, featuring pairings that go all the way from John Cena and Shaq (what?) to John LegendAlicia Keys, and Janet Jackson (holy shiiiiit).

You can peep the first episode in full via this fancy little link.