It is a GOOD DAY for Game Of Thrones theories, my friends. Not content with the Jaime-Lannister-might-be-alive-actually bueno theory from this morning, the internet has spewed forth another spicy little treat for us fans. It’s this – did Varys secretly leave behind a poisoned ring to kill Daenerys with.

I cannot tell you where this theory came from, the internet doesn’t seem to know. I reckon it’s Reddit-based but I found it on Buzzfeed so I’ll credit them. Basically – remember how Varys had the convo with his “little bird” Martha, and then we all realised later he was probably trying to poison Daenerys’ food? If you missed that, catch up here.

Anyway, it certainly seemed like Varys was training adorable Martha to do some murdering of Dany, didn’t it. Well, remember how Varys wrote his letter that said Jon was the true heir to the Iron Throne, then he burnt it (or burnt A note, at least) and took all his rings off really slowly, popping them into a bowl?

If This Theory About Varys’ Rings Is True, The ‘GoT’ Finale Will Be Fkn Wild

That jewelled one is the one Crystal Ro from Buzzfeed wants us to focus on – let’s go back to when Joffrey died. Because why not – that little fucker’s death was grand.

If This Theory About Varys’ Rings Is True, The ‘GoT’ Finale Will Be Fkn WildOlenna – legend to end all legends – used a poisoned stone from Sansa’s necklace to kill the evil King. It’s been done before, it would make sense if it was done again. NOT to mention wayyyy back in season 1, Grand Maester Pycelle was chatting to Ned Stark about poison, and when Ned said he’d heard it was a  “woman’s weapon”, Pycelle said “Yes. Women, cravens…and eunuchs. Did you know that Lord Varys is a eunuch?”

I N T E R E S T I N G.

So… if Varys’ ring had poison jewels in it, and he popped them purposefully into a cup so they didn’t burn along with his body when Dany killed him – does that mean little Martha’s purpose all along has been to kill the Evil Queen? Will she do it? CAN she? Or, did Varys and Tyrion have a final conversation we weren’t privy to, in which Varys told him about the poison in case Dany truly got out of control (which she absolutely has).

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a season finale in my life.