We’ve partnered up with Visa Mobile Payments to show it's easier than it looks to survive in the urban jungle.

Whether it’s the mess that was Fyre Festival, the hugely successful book-turned-movie trilogy The Hunger Games or even just the process of elimination when trying to secure a roommate in Sydney, it’s pretty evident that modern society loves themselves a survivalist situation.

But really, we just love watching people flounder about – even more so when it’s a celebrity or two. Kind of a ‘take that’ kind of jibe at the rich and famous. So if you’re one of those people you’re probably gonna get a heck of a kick out of a brand new content series that’s about to drop.

givvus the strugglin’ stars

Urban Survivalist is a three-part reality show that’ll see celeb Ronny Chieng (star of International Student and Crazy Rich Asians) dropped smack dab in the middle of an unknown city and thrust on a whirlwind adventure documenting his escapades over the next 24 hours to see if he can cope.

Luckily for Ronny, he’s still equipped with his phone, so he can tip tap away with his phone to pay for everything he needs to survive – all the while evading the crew as they try to frantically keep up with him.

You’ll be able to check it out when the trailer drops on the 14th of January, so prep yourself to peep Ronny’s shenanigans from the comfort of your own couch, comfortable in the knowledge that you’re not stuck in a hectic city on your own.

Personally I’m keen to see Ronny trudge up to Ballarat Park, take a seat and chow down on some banana bread while everyone stresses around him. It’s what I’d be doing TBH.