In something of a bombshell announcement, Tom Gleeson has apparently stepped down as host of the beloved ABC series Hard Quiz, and the show itself appears to be done for good.

Gleeson issued a statement on Twitter a short time ago, confirming he was quitting as host and ceasing production of the series as a whole with immediate effect, opting to focus his time on touring and performing stand-up comedy instead.

I’ve decided to step down as the host of Hard Quiz and discontinue production of the show. This was not an easy decision to make and I appreciate there are many fans of the show for which I will always be grateful. The demands of hosting a show has meant I was unable to spend as much time as I would like to performing stand up. I’ve loved making Hard Quiz and I will miss it. I’d like to thank everyone who worked on the show, Thinkative TV and the ABC for their support. I’d especially like to thank all the contestants who were such great sports.

Thanks for playing HARD!

The out-of-the-blue announcement comes as a huge shock, largely because Hard Quiz was one of the ABC’s most consistently popular shows.

Over four seasons and some sixty episodes, the show routinely lead the Wednesday night ratings charge for the ABC, pulling in some 700,000+ viewers per episode. So a lack of viewership is definitely not behind any boardroom decision to push the show off the air.

More details should come to light over time, but for now: RIP Hard Quiz, one of the best and funniest game shows ever put to air on Australian TV.