Netflix has finally revealed the first full trailer for its debut Australian original series Tidelands, showing off the series’ moody cast, its coastal-gothic tone, and oh yeah, some folks who certainly appear to be goddamn sirens. As in, mythical Greek harbingers of the deep, calling sailors to their doom. You know the ones.

The clip showcases Home & Away and Puberty Blues alum Charlotte Best as Cal McAteer, a troubled young woman who returns to her coastal home of Orphelin Bay after a stint in lock-up. There, she encounters a drug ring, hidden community secrets, and the titular Tidelanders.

They’re a bunch of mysterious human-siren hybrids, for what it’s worth, and they’re led by none other than Elsa Pataky as matriarch Adrielle Cuthbert.

A stack of other local talents including Aaron Jakubenko, Peter O’Brien, Madeleine Madden, Caroline Brazier, and Dalip Sondhi help round out the cast.

Tidelands, executive produced by the folks behind Secrets & Lies, will splash onto your screens on December 14. Get wet, folks.

Image: Netflix / YouTube