HAPPY FRIDAY, The Sinner has unleashed the trailer for season 3 and it looks like 50 Shades of Here We Go Again.

This season, human Ken doll Matt Bomer stars as “local family man” Jamie – a bloke who’s been in a, uh, fatal (?) car accident. Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) is investigating his case and everything seems normal… until they don’t, and a seemingly routine case turns into something more sinister.

Chris Messina stars as Nick Haas, Jamie’s friend from college who re-enters his life and causes shit to hit the fan. It looks like Nick was in the car with Jamie and I think, I think, Nick may have been killed in the accident. Or at least gravely injured.

Derek Simonds is once again showrunner and Jessica Biel returns as executive producer.

The Sinner returns in 2020… hopefully Netflix will stream it.


You can catch season 1 and two of The Sinner on Netflix now.

Image: The Sinner